James Crossing Apartments
Community Building

(Tues. - 10am)

Jericho Baptist Missionary Chapel
605 5th Street

(Wed. - 10am)

Amazing Grace Church
2012 Grace Street

(1st/3rd Thurs. - 10am)

First Baptist Church, South Lynchburg
2500 Tazewell Ave.

(2nd/4th Thurs. - 10am)

Rebirth Church
5341 S. Amherst Hwy

(Fri. - 10am)

Rivermont Baptist
400 Fauquier Street

(Sat. - 10am)


"Building Relationships to help the physical, spiritual, and psychological needs of our community."


Warehouse Location
805 5th Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504

Contact Us
Email: redtruckmin@gmail.com
John Thompson (Executive Director): (434) 209-2863
Aleta Robertson (Admin): (434) 363-8438

Did you know...

.....the poverty level for a
family of 4 is $30,000
family of 3 is $24,860
family of 2 is $19,720
family of 1 is $12,760

.....in the greater Lynchburg area (Lynchburg City, Bedford, Campbell & Appomattox Counties) that almost 1 in every 5 people live in poverty

....60% of the children in our area are eligible for free or reduced food

...over 25% of the people in our area had to choose whether to buy food or pay their rent/mortgage in the past 12 months

Did you know that because of the Red Truck...

....over 56,500 people in our community have been served and over 8.5 million pounds of food have been distributed

.....over 90 volunteers give approximately 9,000 hours each year

.....over 10 people have made professions of faith and numerous families are now reengaged in church

.....the Red Truck is reaching 4 of the 8 poorest areas in our region

Our Vision for the Future...

.... to extend our reach to the 4 "food deserts" we are not currently reaching

To do that, we will need to...

.....raise $225k to fund three part time positions for 3 years @ $24k per position/per year - an Executive Director, Administrator & Operations Manager whose goals will be....

.....enlist 4 churches in those 4 food deserts who are willing to host us and provide volunteers

.....recruit 80 more volunteers who are willing to give 3 hours/week of their time

.....increase our operating budget from $60k to $300K

.....raise $1.25 million to build or purchase & equip adequate warehouse space

.....purchase another "Red Truck" (a used Coca-Cola Truck)