Red Truck Schedule

December 2023

The Red Truck Ministry will be closed down during the Holiday Season.

The last day for distribution is Saturday November 18th.

We will be closed November 19 through January 9th, 2024 for the holidays.

We will re-open on Wednesday January 10th.

Winter 2024

January, February, March

We will be open every Wednesday beginning on January 10th from 10:00am -11:00am at the Jericho Baptist Mission Site, located at 605 5th Street.

We encourage all volunteers and clients to join us here for the winter months.

Spring 2024


We will return to all sites beginning on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Every Tuesday 10am @ James Crossing, Greenfield Dr. Community Center

Every Wednesday 10am @ Jericho, 606 5th St.

First & third Thursday 10am @ Amazing Grace, 2012 Grace St.

Second & fourth Thursday 10am @ First Baptist Church of South Lynchburg, 2500 Tazewell Ave.

Every Friday 10am @ Rebirth Church, 5341 S. Amherst Hwy

Every Saturday 10am @ Rivermont Baptist, 400 Fauquier St.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified and much spiritual fruit will be produced through this ministry.